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Building Healthy & Resilent Communities

Our Roots

Family Tree Healthcare was founded in 2003. Family Tree Healthcare is a labor of love made possible, and inspired by the example set by the late Lillie Hines Marbley.  Family Tree Healthcare began as Family Tree Parenting Services in 2003, a non-profit Arizona based company made up of a culturally diverse staff and board of directors with more than 85 joint years of community service in working with families. Our years of experience come from various fields including social work, education, medicine, information management and administration.


There are three areas where you can get involved. Each area will cover the three objectives of Mental Health, Obesity, and Substance Abuse. Which one is right for you? Read the brief description and click on "Learn More" for more details.

Voting in Election

Zone Policy Commissioner

The Zone Commissioner helps educate local public and private policy makers on health priorities defined by Community Health Needs Assessment.

In a Meeting

Community Health Learning Lab Partner

 The Learning Lab benchmarks and validates the relevance of best practice working models and standards of care that address the health priorities defined by Community Health Needs Assessment and that can be implemented in our community


Neighbors Matter Network Leaders

The Neighbors Matter Network helps educate and engage other neighbors in our community about the important health concerns and the assets we have in helping with the critical health priorities defined by the recent Community Health Needs Assessment.

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What's Next

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Coming Soon!
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