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Neighbors Matter Network Leaders

Volunteer Characteristics and Requirements:

  1. Representative of the diverse group of neighborhood residents-Neighborhood Champions, living in the City of Phoenix zip codes

  2. Enjoys coming together with other neighborhood leaders to address best ways to prevent illness, ways to obtain the best treatment and discovering what we can do to build resilient family members and neighborhoods and to see what is working well for us RIGHT NOW!

  3. Embraces learning and understanding how laws, policies, care standards and accessibility to resources are impacted by disparities and inequities in issues of mental health, substance abuse and obesity

  4. Hold monthly meetings to explore ways to address leveling those disparities and trampling the inequities in access to high quality care and support for ALL our neighbors

  5. Have a desire to create opportunities for change by increasing awareness and understanding of the issues around our health concerns and how CHANGE happens when community has a VOICE and engagement.

Volunteer Duties:

  • Collect information on what our neighborhoods need and believe about these issues, our assets and our resources.

  • Conduct neighborhood audits and develop asset maps of our neighborhoods.

  • Plan a neighborhood communication campaign to get the word out about health issues.

  • Design multimedia-based communication campaign on relevant health issues that meet the community’s need for health information and based on what community wants to know.

  • Provide progress updates to Zone Coordinator and collaborate on formal recommendations on what strategies to improve health outcomes work best for our families and neighborhoods. Help present the recommendations to various levels of public health agencies and policy makers.


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