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Zone Policy Commissioner

Volunteer Characteristics and Requirements:

  1. Representative of the diverse group of community residents living in the City of Phoenix zip codes

  2. Enjoys coming together with other community leaders to address how laws, policies and regulations impact disparities and inequities in issues of mental health, substance abuse and obesity

  3. Participate in monthly meetings to come up with ways to address and analyze current health prevention, intervention, and resiliency- based policies current working

  4. Have a desire to create opportunities for change by increasing awareness and understanding of the issues around our health concerns and how policy helps and hinders the well-being of our community.

Volunteer Duties:

  • Schedule and meet with policy makers or their policy aides.


  • Design educational materials with project staff as “ leave behinds” for policymakers.


  • Collect information and data on policy resolutions, legislation and local political agendas related to health priority areas.


  • Develop plans for and design multimedia-based communication campaign on relevant health policy issues.


  • Provide progress updates to Zone Coordinator and collaborate on formal recommendations on policy implications to be presented to various levels of public health agencies.


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