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Heat Relief Donations

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Physical Item Donation Drop Off Locations
7002 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ
602-499-4221 Mon & Thur 10 - 2

We at Family Tree Healthcare have made it our mission to help the community of the greater Phoenix area realize a happier, healthier life. Generally, we do this through healthcare at our medical clinic, or through health fairs and grant based projects with our non-profit, 501c3 arm.

Today, we are asking for your help with outreach because of the heat crisis we have coupled with the homeless population growth. We have record breaking temperatures, and the fastest growing homeless population we have ever seen in Phoenix history due to uncontrolled rising rent and lack of affordable housing.

We realize that corporations generally ask for at least a one-month, advanced notice for donations, but people are dying from the heat NOW. We are asking for donations from your corporation, or even as an employee-based drive for donations of the following items:



bath wipes         

blankets and sheets

canvas bags

cooling packs/neck wraps decks of playing cards


electrolyte powder packs for water

feminine hygiene products


lip balm

nail clippers

pen & notebook paper

sandwich bags

soap and washcloth


spray bottles




toothbrush & paste

tuna & cracker packs


water bottles

wrapped snacks

We are also accepting donations to purchase kits from Amazon. You can give on our by clicking on the "Donate" button to the left.

We are counting on you, our community partners, to help our neighbors get through this heat wave as efficiently as possible. Our 501c3 number is available upon request.

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