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Young Teacher

Community Health Learning Lab Partner

Volunteer Characteristics and Requirements:

  1. Representative of the diverse group of community providers serving families in the City of Phoenix zip codes

  2. Primary and secondary health and social service providers, faith-based leaders and laity, educators of all levels, business leaders, government agency representatives and law enforcement, other first responders, immigrant and refugee organizations and other community-based support service agencies.

  3. Coming together to address how disparities and inequities in issues of mental health, substance abuse and obesity are impacted by standards of care and services and access and utilization of local resources

  4. Hold monthly meetings to research and analyze current and best practice standards of health prevention, intervention, and resiliency building practice

  5. Have a desire to create opportunities for change by increasing awareness and understanding of the issues around our priority health concerns and what high quality strategies are available to improve the well-being of our community

Volunteer Duties:

  • Collect information and data and formulate recommendations to regional public health on working models to overcome our community health needs

  • Validate strategies with community users considering implications to their input and make revisions to models

  • Create a community-based definition of optimal health and resilient community and a map of zone specific assets and resources

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